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WNBL - FrankenBaskets

​​Not only the name "FrankenBaskets" indicates a realignment in terms of youth league. For the coming season, the managers of DJK (GmbH) Bamberg and SC Kemmern have agreed on this name in order to document the realignment in the field of youth work in the Bamberg area.

With the exception of Anna Hübschmann and Nora Hummel, who were the mainstays of the WNBl in the past, almost all the other girls will go through the 20/21 season for the first time with their two "new" coaches, Sam Gloser and Petra "Floh" Eichelsdörfer. Everyone involved knows that the coming season will be one of the most difficult in the history of the women's youth league, which has existed since 2009, for the "Oberfränkinnen".

Nevertheless, the team hopes to be able to win one or the other thrilling victory against (probably) Dragons Rhöndorf, Team Mittelhessen, Junior Dolphins Marburg, Rhein-Main Baskets and Würzburg through fast play, hard defense and fighting spirit. The basis for this will also be that all players pick up their playing time in the other teams of THE DJK Bamberg and the SC Kemmern of U16 BayL, via BayLD, Regio and 2nd Bundesliga, and the intensity of the training sessions is kept high in these teams as well.

In the coming season it is also necessary to grow together as a real unit, which is not only on the pitch, but also in the environment through good communication and coordination of the games for both clubs imperative of the season!

The FRANKENBASKETS, consisting of:


Lea Mohr, Eva Schimmer, Anna Hübschmann, Lilly Kühhorn, Maya Ennes, Paulina Eichelsdörfer, Sinja Sauer, Stella Hoegen, Nora Hummel and the "Youngsters" Ella Löffler, Julia Gärtner, Vanessa Albrecht, Lena Gehring, Alina Scheibe and Sabrina Klimmt with their coaches Sam and Floh.


Enthusiasm in the U 8 mix

Shortly before holidays, the U8 also started training, after there was a big corona-related break. The kids are all happy to be back in the hall and are busy training. If all goes well, we are all looking forward to our first games in the new season.

U10 mix - healthy into the coming season

New times demand new strategies, also in our everyday sporting life. Together, for a good start to the coming season, we accept this challenge with mutual consideration, our health and our sport for love.


U 12 w - with big squad into the new season

With 7 remaining players, from last year's team, the reigning Oberfränkische Meister in the District Oberliga can start the new season on a solid basis. The girls around Coach Jimmy Hummel from the U10W receive numerous reinforcements, only 7 players advance here to the next age group.

Svea Kasper, who is from our cooperation partner TSV Breitengüßbach and Jule Stark, who are moving from TV Weismain to SC Kemmern, completes the 16-strong squad.

The goal for the coming season will be to be able to offer all girls enough playing time so that every player can take their next development step!

"The old hares" are looking forward to a hopefully normal course of the season:

Amelie Blechinger; Amy Deboy; Mia Hanke; Greta Hummel; Nickl Katharina; Lena Schwab and Katharina Sonntag, the "Rookies" Amy Grasser; Lena Hempfling; Emma Hummel; Eva May; Emilia Rieger; Hanna Weber and Celina Wich our newcomers Svea Kasper and Jule Stark and especially Coach Jimmy Hummel

U 12 mix - at full throttle

Here we are, the U12 mix of Kemmern. After Corona got in our way, it's all about us having fun, joy and team spirit for the 2020/21 season. We always give full throttle on Friday between 16:00 and 17:30. We look forward to seeing you!

U14 w - hot for the upcoming bavarian league season

Since 18.06.2020 the squad around coach Carmen Rettinger and coach Jimmy Hummel is preparing for the new season. Initially, the girls were clearly aware of the Coronapause, since the Kemmerner school gymnasium didn't seem so small anymore.

With only 4 players from the older generation, one of the main tasks for the coaches will be

to get used to the Bayernliga level as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this, the team will also compete with the boys in the U14 District Oberliga. After corona did not give the entire team any further championships last season, the girls are eager to finally prove themselves again on the floor.

The following players will play for SC Kemmern in the 20/21 season:

Greta Hummel; Lilly May; Leni Müller; Leni Ratschker; Emma Rettinger; Mia Ruppert; Anna-Lea Schramm; Mia Schuster; Leni Schwank; Emma Schwinn and Elina Vogel


U 16 w - newly mixed in the new season

The U16 bavarian league has started the pre-season with a mixed squad. A few young players from Weismain joined the former U16 players.


Women 1 - looking forwart to start of new season

The 1st women's team of SC Kemmern will also compete in the regional league south-east next season 20/21. The association is planning a reorientation of the concept for the junior performance area. As a focus, more emphasis will now be placed on defensive training in order to push for faster and more intensive basketball. As in previous years, the younger players are to be given important minutes of play for their development and brought to the higher demands of the league. The new head coach on the sidelines is Manuel Theobald and is supported by Samuel Gloser. Despite the current Covid-19 situation, the team has been in ongoing training for more than a month now and is looking forward to the expected start of the season on 03.10.2020.

Women 2 - New line-up

After an unusually long training break, all the players of the bavarian league met at the beginning of June to finally start the 2020/21 season. Despite some limitations due to the current situation, all participants were able to get involved quickly in the new situation and the pre-season could begin.

Also this season, our regular squad will be complemented by some players from the Regional League and WNBL. This offers the younger girls in particular the opportunity to gain new insights and to exchange ideas with more experienced players in order to be able to develop individually.

So the team, around the coaches Sam Gloser and Mareike Wiese, wants to convince right at the beginning of the season with hard defense, a fast offense and good communication in order to be able to hold its own against the opposing teams. That's why we are already trying to keep the intensity high in the training sessions and grow together as one team.

We are looking forward to what and who will be waiting for us next season and look forward to a few tight games with hopefully filled halls


Women 3 -  Fun and lots of fighting spirit

As last season, new youth players joined our women's 3 team this year. The goal is therefore to integrate them well into the team in order to create a good team chemistry. Although we expect many games against difficult opponents in the district upper league next season and we are therefore fighting against a place in the table basement, the focus is still on having fun with every single game.


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