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How everything began...

And how it went further...

In 1981/82 the basketball department of SC Kemmern was founded. Initially, it consisted of the soccer-A-Youth of the SCK. At that time, a part of this team was supposed to be with the "men" with footballers, on which one or the other wasn´t that much engaged and so the idea arose to found a basketball team. Said and done... the boys Thomas "Hugo" Reiser, Johannes "Hannes" Glückert, Norbert "Jimmy, the older" Hummel, Michael "Willi" Wolf, Michael "Heinzi" Dorsch, Jochen "Waldo" Förtsch, Folker Förtsch, Bernhard "Olinde" Gries, Bernhard Görtler and Robert Dorsch (died) went on a basket hunt for the SC Kemmern in the district.

In the following years...

And today...

A small but fine basketball department was formed which is well known for its heart and commitment across the Bavarian borders, especially in the youth and women's sector, and has already achieved numerous successes.

Not to forget...

The honorary member of our department is the former head of department Edmund Zimmermann.

Our current head of basketball department Martina Förner was appointed an honorary member by SC Kemmern main club in 2019.

Yes and then there are the "Golden Girls".


Our basketball department has about 175 registered members, the majority (107 members) below age of 18. Even a U18 European champion (Julia Förner - pictured above) is in our ranks. Our focus is on the female junior sector. In every age group we have registered a team in both the district and the bavarian league.

The girls didn't wait long. Less than a year later, a women's team with founding members Doris Bruckner, Ute Goll, Christine Saal, Brigitte May, Heike Raab, Martina Förner, Micha Dorsch, Sybille Schnapp, Roswitha Molitor, Heidrun "Heidi" Zink, Heidrun Porzelt, Birgit Zink was able to compete.

Our "Golden Girls"

Yes, that's us, 13 pretty girls who have come together since 1990 to play basketball in the district, upper, regional league and even in the 2nd Bundesliga.

Active basketball has faded into the background for most "older ladies", but the friendships have remained. This is also shown by our monthly meeting and our ever-new activities such as skiing, hiking, wellness, tennis, houseboating in France or just partying together.

Of course, most of us are still connected to basketball, whether as coaches, referees, functionaries, mothers of "little" female basketball players or simply as fans, with the SCK. In short, there is much to tell. It's nice that we still exist. We wish all future generations to enjoy such good cohesion, just like us years later.


Municipality of Kemmern

The settlement history of Kemmern is very old and goes back to the first pre-Christian millennium. Kemmern was first mentioned in writing in a document dated 26 October 1017 as "Camerin" in what was at that time called Ratszgau. In this document, Emperor Henry II confirmed an exchange agreement in which, in addition to Erlangen and Forchheim, four fishermen were transferred to Bishop Eberhard von Bamberg by Bishop Heinrich of Würzburg.

The municipality of Kemmern is located at an average altitude of 236 to 250 meters, scenically attractive, about seven kilometers north of Bamberg, directly on the Main at the foot of the foothills of the Hassberge. It belongs to the district of Bamberg in the administrative district of Upper Franconia. Although unencumbered by through traffic, the residential municipality of Kemmern is favoured by an excellent infrastructural transport connection to the supra-regional road network (B 4 and A 73).

For its approximately 2700 inhabitants, Kemmern has important facilities for primary care, such as a Catholic day care centre with a nursery, primary school, Catholic parish and a youth home, doctor, dentist, pharmacy, two banking institutes and an industrial area. Since 2002, the town hall of the municipality has also had its own stationary library. Since 1710 independent parish, the Catholic parish church of St. Peter and Paul was expanded in 1978/80.

Kemmern offers a brewery, several restaurants and cellars, a hotel and various accommodation options. In addition to the rich gastronomy, a lively club life, also designed by the SC Kemmern, invite you to stay in the hospitable community with many festivals and celebrations.

Kemmern won a gold medal for Upper Franconia in the district decision of the 2011 federal competition "Our village has a future – Our village should be more beautiful". In the 2012 state competition "Our village has a future – our village should be more beautiful", Kemmern was one of the 15 most beautiful and promising municipalities in the entire Free State of Bavaria.




In the region of Franconia and Upper Franconia, of course there is much more to experience. The Franconia Tourist Board and the Oberfranken Offensive association show what else the region has to offer.


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