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Creation and foundation

In 1929, the members of the mandolin and guitar club Kemmern, who also paid homage to football, had a desire to join the club in a football department. But if there were strong differences within the aforementioned club, the footballers among the "klimperers" decided to stand on their own feet and to found an independent club. They decided to join the latter because there were two umbrella associations at the time - the south german soccer association and the german youth (DJK). This took place on March 15, 1930. Unfortunately, there was no attractive space system yet. The playing field assigned by the municipality, the so-called "Lama-Grubn", was too small and was also flooded during floods. After long negotiations with the municipal council, it was finally possible to lease the "Anger" on the other side of the Main for annual compensation. This meant that you had your own playground and, after installing "two massive gate boxes", a football pitch that was also recognizable to the outside world! The game could begin ... According to the Chronicle, 14 "Men" had appeared at the Dorsch Inn for the founding meeting on April 5, 1930. They unanimously elected Georg Spörlein as chairman and cashier. Otto Dorsch was appointed secretary. This "small" board, everyone thought, was enough to get started. Admission for spectators at the sports field was set at 20 pennies, for members at 10 pennies. Finally, the participants gave the newly founded association the name:

German youth force "Edelweiss" Kemmern
Founding members were: Georg Spörlein, Otto Dorsch, Michael Gick, Markus Endres, Valentin Aumüller, Johann Dorsch, Kaspar Spörlein, August Eichhorn, Gottfried Keller, Adam Amtmann, Georg Nüßlein, Andreas Dorsch, Wendelin Eichhorn, Johann Höfler, Kilian Dorsch, Michael Nüßlein. In addition, andreas Aumüller, Gottfried Aumüller, Andreas Eichhorn are the oldest members. In the autumn of 1933, after the political police repeatedly banned the DJK from playing, the dissolution of the club was decided. The foundation of a new club had become necessary, it was agreed on the name: Sporting Club Kemmern (SCK)


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